Inspiration Overload?

Chris and I set a date tonight! I'm so freakin happy...lol...I have been looking at my favorite wedding blog. I thought I had the color scheme figured out but then I got to looking at peacock feathers. Now I'm thinking about that! *SIGH* I still have a year and half to figure it all out. Maybe I will come up with something! I am still working on my bouquet I need a few more brooches and I should be able to put it together.  I will be sure to take good pics and post step by step instructions! :) 

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  1. Oh Jess, I suffer from inspiration overload ALL the time! I love your idea for your bouquet! It will all turn out beautifully! ~Serene

  2. Thank you Serene, you are so sweet. Just wait until I post what I bought on my lunch break today at Salvation Army....its all AH-MAZ-INNNG