Robin Sparkles

Yes I am watching How I Met Your Mother. I love this show.  But back to my actual blog that I sat down to write. I haven't been able to write and shop because I have been busy.We planned a benefit dinner for my aunt and I've been working mah booty off.   I am going to plan a benefit yard sale with all the proceeds going to my aunt of course. If you have anything you want to donate just let me know! :) 

I have been thinking a lot about our wedding and today while walking around in Wal*Mart I really missed my aunt. She has always been the creative free spirit that got me. When I tell mom my ideas she has to see it but I could tell Aunt Tammy and she knew exactly what I was thinking about. Chris and I haven't set a date but I have a basic idea of what I want. Hopefully we will be able to have everything come together within a budget.   Well I think I will be up to my normal thrifting by the weekend....OPERATION: wedding is in FULL swing! 

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