Closet Makeover

I know I know its not "thrifty" but it's what I did this weekend and I am thrilled with the results. I bought some new non-thrift store clothing over the weekend from Cato and I was out of hangers and did not want to go back out and buy new hangers so I just cleaned out our closet(my stuff) to empty up some hangers. I went through every item I had hanging  and just started tossing. I have gotten rid of all my teenager-y items and some stuff I don't wear anymore because I don't like the way it looks on me. After I was finished I had a bunch of hangers and a trash bag filled with clothing and shoes which I will take to the girls that work with mom and let them get what they want and then the rest goes to charity. Mom told me about this man that takes a truck up to Virgina and Kentucky in the poor areas and gives people whatever they want from that truck. It breaks my heart because of the story my mom told me. This little girl came to the man and asked for 3 hangers. He asked if she wanted any toys or anything else...her answer was no just three hangers. She had three dresses and at that moment they were hung on a nail and she wanted them on hangers. It just makes me feel so blessed with everything I have.

Back to my closet. We have three that we use. One in the bedroom for majority of our clothing. One in the game room for his uniforms, his shoes and my dresses/skirts and one in the living room for coats/hoodies. Our main closet is split in two...he has the top part because I am short and I took the bottom half because hes tall. On the floor I have my shoes because I have more and I needed the room..our main closet looks tiny in the picture but its actually more roomy because there is a lot of it you can not see because it goes behind the walls...weird but hey this is an old house...I also put all of the in season shoes on the floor and the rest in a laundry basket shoved moved to the back of the closet. I also added a 3m hook for $3 to hang up the clothes I plan on wearing the next day, I don't do mornings but my job requires me to be there at 8 am so I like to make as painless as possible for me in the mornings and I am always grateful for my night self getting things ready for my morning self. I also want to add a corkboard some where in our room for inspiration board I get so tired of wearing the same things together. I will keep you updated on that.

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  1. Wow, Jess I need to do this too. I did go through my closet last month and got rid of quite a lot, but need to do some more. I am a jean kind of gal, so dresses, skirts, etc are sometimes forgotten in the back!! Antique Rose(Ma)