My Thrifty Kitchen

As the snowed "poured" down on Christmas evening I was bored and stuck in the house. Since Chris and I both were off what a perfect time to hang up some things. When I first envisioned what my kitchen would look like, WAY before Chris and I found this place, I saw RED. I love the color red. So when I went to my Aunt's house back in October before she had her surgery she gave me a tote full of old antique white and red pots/pans with  other kitchen gadgets. When we moved in I thought I would get a pot rack that is hanging from the ceiling but then on Christmas it hit me..."Why not put them on to,p of the window?" This may not make sense to you but to me it was brilliant! LOL. So Chris being the wonderful..ahem *tall* man that he is, arranged them for me.
 Next was on to my graters, I bought a set from a yard sale while I was in Concord for her surgery and I found two in the tote she gave me. They are not the box grater like you see above, they were flat. I had no clue what to do with them other than hanging them on the wall. I gave Chris little to no instructions and he hung them how ever. I think he did a pretty good job. :) I found a random red skeleton key at the bottom of the tote, so I just stuck it with the graters because I had no where else to put it..lol.

Eventually we will paint the kitchen. It will probably be when Chris gets a weekend off.

Most of the items used were FREE except  the three graters on the right I paid $3 for at a yard sale. When we get more done to the house I will post the pictures and stories. :)

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