In a previous blog I mentioned that Chris and I found a place. We moved in a month early because we got it rent free...we seriously have the best land lady ever! So we have been without home internet service for a little over 2 weeks. But during that time I found some pretty great things for our new pad!

Cheap Dresser   

I got the above dresser at our local Salvation Army. It looks rough but the bones are still good and its SOLID wood.  I love it, its so girly! Chris actually likes it as well but we are going to paint it a chocolate brown and get new knobs. When I first spotted this beauty it was marked $9.99...WHAT?! I couldn't believe it. I left and when Chris called me on his lunch break I told him about it and sent him the picture..he liked it...*gasp*. So I went back and bought it...but they had marked it down to $7.99. CA-RAZZZY! Chris picked it up for me later that day, so now it is sitting snug in *our* bedroom...(I love saying that haha).

When we decided to move in to this house we both agreed we did not want a "guest" bedroom. Simply because we both do not like "pretty" rooms(aka rooms no one ever uses) and we wanted to keep over night visitors to the minimum. So we made the second room a game room...I call it the "Man Cave", it's a place Chris can go play his games and I can have the living room to watch movies. In the man cave we have a love seat *snickers* LOVE seat...hehe..anyways we really needed a coffee table in there. I haven't been able to find one thrifting but we were in luck....Chris has become super thrifty. He scored a coffee table for...wait for it.......$0.54!
Chris also scored these adorable porch trees...they retail for $50...Rose's has them on sale for $25 at the moment but oh no Chris did not pay  either of those prices...he paid...... $2 for both.
In my Goodwill shopping trip, I ended up getting my nieces a Boots monkey(dora) and a build-a-bear, both for $0.99. I got a Better Homes and Garden rug for our kitchen $2 , and I got this fabulous faux pearl choker for $2.99. I also got a afghan (that Chris doesn't really like but I LOOOOOVE ) for $3.99. I heart Goodwill.

We also have our Christmas tree set up. The tree itself was a hand-me-down from my mom, who got it from my grandma. This is the only tree I remember her ever having, I'm pretty sure it is as old as I am ahaha. I had to go by new ornaments, a star, a tree skirt and stockings which set me back maybe $80 which isn't too bad. We have had so many compliments on our tree...I love it! It looks real without the mess or watering :)

Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree...

Chris went thru our house and added up just our furniture and we have determined we have only spent $215, luckily I have a wonderful mom who has given me a lot! I don't know what I would do with out her!

Well that is all for now.

(: Jess :)

--Sorry for the bad cell pics!--


  1. Wow!!! You're some shopper and with so little money spent, you really scored big!!!!! I say go girl !!!!!! Merry Christmas Jess. Love, Ma

  2. Jess, I put myself on a "no thrifting diet" until Jan 1.....I'm chomping at the bit to get back to my favorite fishing holes! leave me some stuff girly! ~Serene

  3. @Ma: Awe thanks Ma! Merry Christmas to you and Pa :)

    @Serene: I have put myself on a no clothing thrifting diet. I'm still buying pieces for the house but I do not need any more clothing...in the words of Carrie Bradshaw "I've been cheating on clothing with furniture" -Sex In The City 2. :)