Swag...I have it.

I have swag...no, no not that swag...I am an utter dork when it comes to my coolness level but I have gotten a new swag lamp from a local yard sale group on facebook. I thought it was beautiful and the seller boasted that is was from the 40's or the 50's still no one took a nibble even at only $20. I thought about that lamp for a few hours. I kept talking about it. I even looked on eBay for similar ones just to see how affordable they are...which come to find out my darling little swag lamp was listed for $90-$120. I told Chris of my findings and he told me to get it! I commented and the seller agreed to meet with me the following day. I paid for my purchase and took my baby home even though I had no clue where it was going to live.

I had always said the small section, which I refer to as a hall, outside of our room and bathroom needed a light fixture but there was no wiring for one and it is really expensive to have it done. But there was a switch  there that has previously been used for the furnace(we live in an older home) that no longer operated anything. My dear, sweet husband went out and bought an electrical outlet/switch combo and changed out the old switch. It took him several tries but he finally managed to get it working. and I am sooooo happy that it is working.

Now I have a light fixture that is in the same era of our home! Love it. To top it off its in the shape of a tulip! If I would have bought this piece today it would have been so expensive because of all the metal and thick glass. I love items from the past because they were made to last and not made to be replaced.

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