My Rescue

Behind our house we have the cutest building where our land lady had a few things stored. She came over two weekends ago and cleaned out her stuff that she was keeping and asked Chris if he could haul the rest off to the dump. I went out there today and *Chris* found the sweetest picture...I had to have it...so we brought it inside. It was nasty..dirt, dust and grime...ICK. I took a damp wash cloth and cleaned it up..I figured I couldn't mess it up any more than what it was already. It made a HUGE difference!

Can't tell it here but it was gross

Clean and ready to be placed on the wall!

This painting is MASSIVE...it is almost as tall as I am *thats not saying much* and I'm 5'4" I love it ...I love the colors, the simplicity, I just love IT!  Now where to hang it is the question...I do believe it will be residing in our room! :) 


  1. Jess, this is the BEST painting! I love this and I'd have been all over that too! It would look great on a big empty wall. It makes a statement all on its own! Lots of love girly! ~Serene

  2. The painting looks so beautiful! xoxxoxoo