Wedding Theme: DIY Shappy Chic

I really do not like real flowers. I know I do not want to waste my money on flowers for our wedding. I will be carrying a brooch bouquet, I had originally thought my bridesmaids will be carrying kusudama flowers made from old novels. However while looking at etsy.com I saw beautiful cloth rosettes and thought I could make bouquets of those. Now I do not know which one I prefer. I need to hurry up and make my mind up so I can get to making them! 

kusudama and other oragami  flowers

cloth rosettes

Either route I choose it will not be expensive, only time consuming. What do you guys think?


  1. They're both beautiful, but I really like the first ones. Flowers made out of old romance novels! How romantic!!! ~Serene

  2. The romance novel flowers are so romantic and creative. How sweet! My bridesmaids didn't carry flowers either. They had "Brandy" wine glasses filled with gems and a lit votive. And I etched the first letter of their name on it so they could keep it. Creative weddings are always much more memorable! Good luck with your planning. I know it'll be beautiful! -Brandy